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Moodle outsourceWe provide connection services of Guru CMS with the most famous e-learning open source suite; that is Moodle (
Either you are using Moodle's user authentication scheme or an LDAP compatible server we provide a relevant module to connect to it using single sign in procedure for your users.

Moodle is an Open Source Course Management System (CMS), also known as a Learning Management System (LMS) or a Virtual Learning Environment (VLE). It has become very popular among educators around the world as a tool for creating online dynamic web sites for their students. To work, it needs to be installed on a web server somewhere, either on one of your own computers or one at a web hosting company.

We can provide any service related to Moodle, from modules to custom development and performance tuning.

Contact us to discuss your needs and provide you with an accurate quote.

Posted on: 17/06/2016