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Pricing and Licensing Options

All prices include VAT. If your company is based in the European Union, VAT can be excluded upon sending us the relevant documents, please contact us for more details. Price for licensing depends the amount of licenses along with required features/modules. In case that you are interested in ordering a large amount of licenses, please contact us.
For open source projects and non profit academic organizations we are offering for free both Guru CMS and all it's available modules. You will need to fill an exra paper in order to qualify for the free license. Please contact us requesting this.
License type Personal Professional Bundled Developer Reseller
Price 90€ 290€ 1490€ Free 2999€
Domain names 1 1 1 Only localhost 10
Updates (optional) 50€/year 50€/year 50€/year Free Free
Copyright removal [1] 210€ 210€ 210€
Rebranding [2] 1290€ 1290€ 590€
[1] You can remove the "Powered by Guru CMS" note from your web pages but in this case you shouldn't place any similar note at all.
[2] You can rebrand the Guru CMS and sell it with your own copyright as it was your software, no limits at all.
Via e-mail and web 5 tickets 10 tickets 3 tickets Unlimited
Access to documentation
Bug solving/updates Free Free Free Free Free
Μοdules (addons)
Newsletter 50€ 50€
Forum 50€ 50€
LDAP 120€ 120€
Comments 30€ 30€
Credit System 980€ 780€
RSS 10€ 710€
Support Plans
1 ticket 30€ 30€ 30€ 30€
2 ticket 60€ 60€ 50€ 60€
3 ticket 110€ 110€ 70€ 110€
5 tickets 200€ 120€ 100€ 200€
10 tickets 290€ 150€ 120€ 290€
Unlimited tickets 500€ 390€ 390€ 500€

Source code is encrypted using Ioncube and every license is valid for single domain. Templates (layout) are not encrypted thus giving you the opportunity to design your web site as you wish.

You can use on the same license multiple domains as long as they are pointing to the same/main domain (domain parking).

Posted on: 17/06/2016