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Start your tour at the Guru CMS by downloading one of the available versions. There are two versions, the first one includes all available modules and the second one only the basic version of Guru CMS without any module. 

Besides these two downloads there is the possibility of downloading a complete development environment in both operating systems Windows and Linux independent from distribution.

Soon there will be available for download a Linux distribution which will have everything pre-installed for both VMware and Virtualbox, so you would be able to start testing locally on your computer in 2 minutes!

 Before starting the download make sure you your system fulfills the requirements for a successful installation of the Guru CMS.
Check the related article for this.
To decompress the files you will need a program capable for . zip files.If you don't have installed any, you can download 7zip from here.

For any questions please contact us.

To start downloading the files, you must first register to the system, click here to return to the same page after you register.
tar.bzip2 | zip
Development Εκδόσεις
Xampp bundled (version only for Linux)
Xampp bundled (version only for Windows) .zip (126MB) 13/04/2011
Guru CMS 1.* (Dev, version only for testing) tar.bzip2 | zip 13/04/2011

The version of Xampp ( includes Xampp configured with ioncube loaders and phpmyadmin with MySQL, with password: demo1 (version of Linux) and demo123 for the version of Windows.
Decompress the file (tar-xvf filename.tar) in / opt and in this in the htdocs and extract any version of Guru CMS you have in your possession.
For the version of Windows, simply extract the file in C: \ and run C: \ xampp \ xampp-control.exe.


Posted on: 17/06/2016