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User management

User authentication functionality of Guru CMS gives you near to zero limitations on grouping plus the functionality to integrate any third-part application into Guru CMS.
There is an out of the box module for LDAP connectivity too. At the moment this has been tested with various LDAP directories including OpenLDAP and Fedora Directory Server.

 View users

Under Users menu there is a display of all the users groups and the number of users that belong to each one. Moreover there is a link where you can view the users of a specific group and a link for viewing all the users in the system.

As you can see from the picture for example the group 'Administrators' has five associated user in it. If you click on the specific link a new window will be generated with further details of the users belonging to this group.
In the case that you have installed the credit system module several options will be displayed for your convenience. Beside every username are the options of 'Add credits' if you want to add credit to a specific user, the 'Refund credits' if a user has asked for a refund and the 'User profile' where you can see personal details of the user.

On the order hand, if you click on the View all users link, a list of all the users will be displayed independent of which they belong to.

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Posted on: 17/06/2016