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Installing and configuring Poedit

 In this screencast we show you how you can translate the strings of Guru CMS. This includes installing the Poedit.

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Create dynamic web site in 5 minutes

In this screencast we present in 5 minutes how to create a fully dynamic web site with multilingual support using Guru CMS.

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What you can do with the editor of the CMS

In this video we show you the basics of the editor using the Guru CMS. See how easily you can display any video, eg Youtube, Vimeo, etc., add Flash presentations, Google maps, and more.

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Add Media to the editor

See how you can easily add any media you want like Youtube, Vimeo video or a Google map. The Guru CMS added to version 0.6.1 a new plugin, giving you the automatic formatting when adding Article  by adding the code through the key source of the editor.


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Adding items to menu

In this video we are going to show you how to add your existing categories under the main menu and also how to add custom links internal or external.

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Latest features Part 1

In this screencast you will get an idea about our latest features since version 0.6.1.

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