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Guru-host CMS uses a PHP library called Gettext to offer multilingual capabilities to the CMS-based on application messages , not on content.
The content can be translated directly through the administrator menu. This document describes how to translate all the error / warning messages which are included to CMS in any language.

About translation process

This page does not include information about translating or creating your web site into multiple languages.
It is about modifying or creating new translations to the core CMS; that is translating the error messages and the strings that cannot be changed from you like the administration menu strings etc.

If you want to add or modify existing translations follow the instructions in this page.

Guru-host CMS make use of a PHP library called Gettext in order to offer multilingual capabilities to the CMS based on application messages and not on content.
Content can be translated direct via the administration menu. This document describes how to translate all error/warning/tip messages that exist to CMS into any language.

Step 1

Make sure your web hosting provider has Gettext module installed in PHP. Most of the providers nowdays have this installed. If you don't know how to find it just email them.

Step 2

Download and install poedit, it is available on both Windows and Linux (
Almost all Linux distributions have poedit in their repositories. On Ubuntu just type sudo apt-get install poedit

Step 3

Open poedit and setup the basic preferences (file-preferences).
Type your full name and your email address and click ok.
Then go at file – open and navigate to includes/locale/el_GR/LC_MESSAGES and choose the messages.po file.
This will automatically load the English to Greek translation. If you want to start translating let's say in German then open the messages.po file from includes/locale/de/LC_MESSAGES directory and so on for rest of the languages. If you require to translate the application into any language that is not available at the locale folder please get in touch with us and will add it the soonest possible.

Important Note
You will need to enable/add the language via the administration panel of the CMS as soon as you finish with the translations via Poedit and upload the messages.po file to the same directory as you've downloaded; that is inside the includes/locale/lang_code/LC_MESSAGES directory.

Replace lang_code with the proper language code. To see language codes just add the language via the administration menu under Set Languages icon.
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Posted on: 17/06/2016