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The CMS supports multilingual functionality. It is possible to create different sites based on the language preferences.
Several languages have been included to the CMS. From these options you can add, delete, set as default, enable/disable a language based on your needs.

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Add extra language

Guru-host CMS uses a PHP library called Gettext to offer multilingual capabilities to the CMS-based on application messages , not on content.
The content can be translated directly through the administrator menu. This document describes how to translate all the error / warning messages which are included to CMS in any language.

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How to translate Gettext strings

Guru CMS make use of a PHP module called Gettext to provide its multilingual content.

GetText Portable Object (PO) files are the industry standard for multilingual websites in PHP.
In this tutorial we’ll talk about how to translate PO files and maintain translations up-to-date.

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