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The Forum is a module that can be activated simply by running the sql file and adding the individual PHP & tpl files. These will be sent to you by the Guru CMS when buying the module with detailed instructions for installation.
After activation through the administrator menu, a Forum section appears in the administration menu.

The function of this form is the following:

The user is requiered to  log in so he can use this functionality.

If the user has entered as an ordinary user the options available are: create a new topic for discussion, to respond to an existing as long as it is not locked by the administrator, to search the forum and process account details.

If the user has entered as an administrator that has the potential as follows:he can create a new topic for discussion, edit or delete any topic  locked or not, to process the replies of the users, to enter the administrator menu and process forum settings as desired, and to search the forum and edit the account.

Depending on settings users are informed via email for replies and new topics.

Essentially, the forum module is a comprehensive platform for discussion but with limited capabilities (eg, lack of private messages, etc.) but focus on functionality, full integration with the Guru CMS and easy modification of the theme.

Future versions will add more functions.

Posted on: 17/06/2016