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Credit system

The credit system module is in use when functionality such as membership, enquiries etc is required. The main use of it can be found in articles. It has been described earlier that in the front end it is displayed the Title, the Introduction text and a Read more link where the whole article will be displayed.

In the case the Credit System module is enabled then the whole article is available only to the registered and login members of the site. Moreover, in this case the system checks if the user has the significant credits in order to view the article.
In all the cases a suitable message is displayed. As we will see below every article can have its own value as it is configured during article's addition/edition.
Credit system can be customized to cover any membership need. Is build on a rock solid framework thus adding new features is quiet easy giving you the possibility to extend its core functionality with minimal cost.

System Use

The Credit System functionality can be accessed by the same name tab in the Administration Menu.
At first point there is an option where you can set the value of the credits. You can set whatever you want based on your needs. By default the value has been set to 1 Euro. This means that the cost of 1 credit is 1 Euro. The currency is changed automatically and this is something that you are going to specify just by informing your users.

The message 'There are no pending transactions for your users!' is displaying as this is the first time that you accessing the credit system.
When you will finish your set up and your users are going to use the system then at this point we will be able to view user's transactions in order to approve them or not.

Set credit value

In order to set up the value for each credit then please click on the 'Set credit value' link.
In our case if we set the number 1 and press the 'Submit' button, then we will have set that 1 credit costs 1 Euro/dollars etc.
If you want to change these associations then you just perform this step and the new value will be submitted.
In the case that you do not set any values then by default the association of 1 Euro for 1 credit will be occurred.

Add credits

From the 'Users' menu you can add credits for a specific user:
For example if you want to add credits to the 'user' then we click at this line the 'add credits' link


Posted on: 17/06/2016