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Comments are another type of content you can have on your web site (if you have buy and enabled the Comment module). Each comment is a typically small piece of content that a user submits, attached to a particular article.

There is a default number of comments displayed on each article (you can configure that value via administration menu). As soon as your article reach that limit, a link appeared on the bottom with a text "View archive comments". Clicking on it will move you on to a new page with all comments posted on that article without a limitation on the number listed, almost... There is a paging (you can configure that value via administration menu too) feature on archived comments to display properly those in case that are many, simply by showing you the total pages with links on each one for easier navigation.

In order to post a comment you need to register first, this is to avoid auto spamming issues.

Comments are not automatically approved/published. Administrator will get an email and after he/she approved the comment it will be displayed to the relevant section.
There is an option via the module settings under administration menu to automatically approve each comment but this is not recommended as mentioned before.

Posted on: 17/06/2016