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Credit system

The credit system module is in use when functionality such as membership, enquiries etc is required. The main use of it can be found in articles. It has been described earlier that in the front end it is displayed the Title, the Introduction text and a Read more link where the whole article will be displayed.

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Comments are another type of content you can have on your web site (if you have buy and enabled the Comment module). Each comment is a typically small piece of content that a user submits, attached to a particular article.

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Newsletter.tpl is a module which must be activated by the administrator, upon customer request.The main function of this is to send mass emails to the users of the site.

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CMS Modules

The Modules are expanded functionality for your system. Some modules are required further payment or others not.
In order to install new modules in your system first click on the Modules tab at the administration page.

From the drop down menu you will see the available modules.
Thereafter, you have to choose anyone of the drop down list and then click on the 'Add new module' link.

After clicking on the link the module will be in your system. The next thing that you have to do is to enable it or not.
This functionality is in use in the case that you want at some point to disable the module but not delete the module.
When you click on the 'Enable' action you will have the ability to use the desirable functionality.

Further details on how to install each module is going to be send to you every time you purchase a new module as SQL changes need to be done as well.
Bear in mind that CMS installation is free of charge along with any module.

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The RSS refers to a method of sharing digital information content through the Internet and you can have it in your site if you have purchased and activated the module rss.


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LDAP user authentication

If you running any version of OpenLDAP or Fedora Directory Server you will need just 3 minutes to setup LDAP authentication with Guru CMS.

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