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The installation of CMS will not take more than a few minutes. You need to have before you start the installation, a name of a MySQL database, a user with access to it, ftp user information(username + password) and of course a web hosting account with one provider.

Free installation
Installing and configuring Guru CMS is free of charge from Guru-host staff.
However, you have the freedom to install yourself the CMS if you prefer.

After you order the Guru CMS we will email you a link where you can download the code for your web site.
Be aware that source is encrypted using Ioncube and you wont be able to use it anywhere else apart from your registered domain during the order process.
Guru CMS is encrypted using the Ioncube software. There are therefore two ways to use Guru CMS. You can use the runtime decoders or you can install the Ioncube decoders into php directly. The first way is simplest as all you have to do is upload the Ioncube folder from the Ioncube download in our client area to your Guru CMS directory, but it doesn't always work. If you have a recent version of PHP it wont work. So the second is slightly more difficult, but more commonly successful. All you need is to download the loaders from here: and simply follow the instructions (it needs just 5 minutes).

Installing Guru CMS

Step 1
Unzip the file that we've sent you after completion of the ordering process. The file is called where domain is the domain that going to be used from the CMS.

Step 2
Upload the folder to your server via ftp or ssh.

Step 3
Chmod the following folders: templates_c, cache, templates/themes, userFiles and gallery/images. If you are on a server running suPHP you need to chmod 644 all files and 755 the directories.
On servers running PHP as cli you need to chmod either 707 or 777 the same folders.

Step 4
Login to your web hosting control panel and create a database and assign a user to it. Be sure that encoding is set to utf8_general_ci

Step 5
Import the relevant SQL file to your database. That file will be sent from Guru-host.

Step 6
Edit includes/settings.php and adjust the variables to match your web site settings

Step 7 --> Optional
You can edit .htaccess to adjust a few settings if you like

Post Installation Suggested Steps

After installation is completed, we recommend that you go through and configure your new CMS system in the following order:
1. Login as admin with demo1 and update your password via the admin interface or direct at your profile (usually near to login/user details).
2. Set your website in offline mode until you add all your content/images etc. That way users wont be able to see what you are doing while building your web site's content.
3. Adjust the default theme or create a new one. Details are available on later chapters of this manual.
4. The folder templates_c need to be writeable by Smarty template language and therefore require the permissions 777 (writeable by all) or 707 or 755 if running SuPHP. When folders have this permission level it is safer to place the folders outside of the public accessible folder tree on your website.Guru CMS  allows you to do this. If you do move the folder, then you must tell Guru CMS where they have been moved to by adjusting the relevant  lines to your configuration file which is includes/settings.php

Posted on: 17/06/2016