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System Use

This chapter will explain the functionalities of the CMS GUI, starting with a general overview to get into the details.


CMS can be accessed through a domain name such as, using a Web Browser.
In CMS Login screen, shown below, the user must type in his/her username and password.

Direct login

In case that you don't want to include the login form to your template, you can call direct the following link:http://yourdomain/userAuth/main.phpThe url http://yourdomain/admin also call the same file.

All users (independently of role) have the ability to alter their password.
A detailed description of the functionality available, as well as the interaction of each role with CMS is given in the next paragraphs.
For security and traceability reasons, all actions performed by the CMS GUI users are being logged.
CMS supports as many user roles as you want, however at the time being we are going to describe Administrators functionality.

Administration Menu

The Administration Menu can be entered by clicking the 'Administration Menu' link on the left hand side under the 'USER MENU' options.
The following screen in displayed:

The Administration Menu provides the functionality to customize CMS based on your preferences and needs.
The following functionalities are going to be described in the next chapters:

    * Set languages
    * Categories
    * Articles
    * Menu manager
    * Templates
    * User Menu
    * Clear Cache
    * Announcements
    * Modules
    * Global Configuration
    * Enquiry System*
    * Credit System*
    * Bonus System*
    * RSS Feeds*
    * Forum*
    * Newsletter*

* :These are applicable only when the relative modules have been installed to the portal

Posted on: 17/06/2016