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Is Guru CMS the right tool

Guru CMS is a powerful and flexible framework for building virtually any kind of website. Below are some circumstances in which Guru CMS is a particularly compelling choice.

  • You need a site that is flexible enough to evolve in any direction. For example, you might start with a blog but want the option of adding other features like a newsletter, electronic commerce, forums, dynamic gallery etc.
  • You need not to worry about security issues, auto patching is in place.
  • You need a site that can easily be configured to interact with other sites or with other technologies like OpenLDAP.
  • You need a site that can easily handle HTML/CSS.
  • You need the ability to create your own content types. For example, you need to add a custom field to a form or build a completely new form.
  • You need the ability to quickly organize and listing articles of a specific category or subcategory anywhere on your web site.
  • One or more of the modules addresses your needs, like the credit system for example.
  • You need to quickly develop custom functionality using clear design without any complex 3rd part frameworks.
  • You need create web applications and mashups using your own PHP/HTML/Smary knowledge.
  • You are a web designer and need to be able to convert any HTML layout to Guru CMS within a day.
  • You need a web site with a lot of content and lot of bloggers on the same piece of software.
  • You need support fast and efficient within a few hours.
  • You need someone to develop any extra functionality no matter the complexity.
  • You need to update your installations automatically without breaking things.
  • You need a CMS which works in any PHP release.
  • You need a free installation.
  • You need someone to talk on the phone and let you know when and which new fetaures will be included in the next release!

On the other hand, for certain limited uses, Guru CMS may not be the best choice:

  • If your only requirement is to write a personal blog, you may also want to evaluate one of the more specialized blogging platforms. Although Guru CMS can serve as a blogging platform out-of-the-box, blog-specific software may have a simpler administration interface and more connectors for mobile devices etc.
  • Similarly, if your only requirement is to create a wiki, you should probably consider using dedicated wiki software like Confluence.
  • If your only requirement is to host discussion forums, you will want to consider a system such as SimpleMachines or phpBB with a mature set of Forum features, or Vanilla which has many plug-ins. If you need a custom forum, however, Guru CMS's forum module may be better suited.

With every release, Guru CMS is becoming easier to use; but like most powerful tools, it will always have a learning curve. If you or your organization are not prepared to spend some time learning how it works it may not be your best option. Having said that, I doubt if you find a CMS easier to use. All you need is just 10 minutes to create a web site!
We have various screen casts explaining each step. Be sure that you read them.

Posted on: 17/06/2016