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Find out what Guru CMS may offer to you summarizing its capabilities in this article.

Content Publishing

    * Ability to publish Articles direct on front end while browsing and via the administration menu
    * Ability to publish Image/Photo Galleries
    * Custom workflow statuses: active, unpublished, deleted
    * Different output formats for content: Web (XHTML)
    * Internal search engine for advanced searching of site content
    * Commenting system (as module)
    * Topics & Tags
    * Display latest articles anywhere you like
    * Article tools (email to a friend, print version, subscribe, etc.)
    * WYSIWYG (visual) editor for adding content
    * Ability to add any time of files into article (Flash, Youtube video, Word, Excel, Powerpoint etc)
    * Dynamic menu (any HTML menu can be added)
    * Ability to change published date of an article
    * Ability to hide article title
    * Ability to hide introduction text when a full article is displayed
    * Ability to hide the Main body of the article, so the 'Read more' link will not be displayed
    * Ability to set an article to appear on home page
    * Ability to split an article into multiple pages
    * Articles can be added under a category only without subcategory or both if preferred
    * AJAX enabled front end to edit direct articles while browsing and have the required permissions
    * Fast Cache Module that prevents server from having to repeatedly handle requests for identical content, which dramatically improves server and application performance
    * Multilingual content with extra software for translators to help them translate the core application messages without having to deal with code at all
    * Different structure per language (or same if required)

Search Engine Optimisation

    * Friendly URLs (like http://domain/language/category/sub_category/article_name)
    * Fully SEO optimized templates
    * Custom META keywords/description tags per category, sub category and articles
    * Google XML sitemap compatible on any language
    * Multilingual SEO enabled

Users and Roles

    * Unlimited number of administrators and roles/groups
    * 4 default roles: Administrator, Super Author, Author, User
    * Bridges to integrate users with OpenLDAP servers
    * Ability to create custom roles/groups and build your own code to create membership software etc
    * Ability to Update User's Group Level
    * Ability to Delete Inactive Users based on days
    * Ability to ban and delete banned user

Templates and Design

    * Designer friendly engine (Smarty --> officially supported and hosted from
    * Ability to convert any HTML template into our template system
    * XHTML compliance templates
    * Fast learning curve for designers and integrators (any HTML template can be converted in 1-2 days of work)
    * Individual templates for home page and sub pages.
    * Ability to edit direct template files and CSS over web via administration menu
    * Dreamweaver plugin for editing templates direct to Adobe Dreamweaver
    * Ability to create your own code and insert it as a snippet into any template file
    * Different menus on home and sub pages
    * Support any JavaScript/AJAX/PHP code direct into template files
    * No limitations on which part of the template to present what you wish


    * Modular architecture allows you to build your own and integrate it into the core of CMS
    * Available Forum module
    * Available Newsletter module
    * Available RSS module
    * Available Comments module
    * Available Credit System module (with complex algorithms and features, see here for a full description)
    * LDAP support as a module (Full support for OpenLDAP, Sun Directory Server, Redhat Directory Server and Fedora 389 Directory Server)

Auto update

    * All security or new feature updates are installed automatically
    * No need to worry about updates any more as updates are handled via a centralized Guru-host software repository
    * Only custom templates needs to be updated manually but those does not include any security issue as are based on Smarty template language and Smarty updates are handled independent from template files. Also there is no PHP code into those templates thus giving security free files.We are so confident about our software where we released a content a while ago offering 2000€ to the 1st person that will find a security issue in our CMS. Still nothing...

Developer Friendly

    * Create any web application and integrate it into Guru CMS in a few hours
    * Developer API (Application Programming Interface)
    * Functionality to integrate various applications in Guru CMS authentication scheme like Menalto Gallery etc.
    * Our team can integrate any custom application into our CMS in a few days no matter complexity
    * Ability to cluster (failover and load balance) MySQL and Apache if required (need dedicated servers)

Posted on: 17/06/2016