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Build a web site in 15 minutes using Guru CMS

Read how you can create a fully dynamic website in 5 minutes using Guru CMS with full multilingual support and dynamic menu.


Step 1
Log in into administration panel, just use admin and demo1 on the home page. Then click from the left user menu the link 'administration menu'.

Step 2
While logged in into the administration menu, click Set languages and choose any of the available languages appear on the drop down menu on the bottom of the page and then add (this needs to be done only if you want to add a new language). Set wherever language you wish as the default.

Step 3
Go to categories, select your preferred language where the content/category will belong to, and then click on Add a category link. Give a title and optionally the meta keywords, meta description and then click on Add category.

Step 4
Go back to Admin Home (click on the link on the top of the page) and click on Menu Manager. Choose a language and click on set up menu for language. As soon as you've done this all categories assigned to this language will appear in order to publish them into the menu. Click once under any menu let's say menu_English and then click publish in any of the categories.

Step 5
On Admin Home click on articles and then select the language where the future article belongs to.
You will see under Category Name all the available categories and next to it the feature to add or view articles. Click on Add article and fill in the form. Click on Published and also on Show on front page.

That is, visit your home page to see the article published!

Posted on: 17/06/2016