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In order to create announcements in your site then please first choose the 'Announcements' options from the 'Admin Home' page.

After that, as we have seen before, you have to choose the language in which you want to add announcements.
If there are no announcements the following screen will be displayed:

Add announcement

A pop-up will be generated in order to fill in the mandatory fields of Title and Main text. The Published field is ticked if you want to publish the announcement. Moreover, there is the Show on front page field which is ticked if you want to show this announcement in the front page. Otherwise, you can create announcements and publish them later on based on your needs.

In the case that you forgot to enter a mandatory field your announcement will not be created and an error message will be prompted.

Edit/Delete announcement

Edit announcement

In order to edit an announcement then please press the 'Edit/Delete' link from announcement's main page.

The editor will be displayed again in order to perform your alterations. When you finish with the changes then please press the 'Edit Announcement' button for saving the new data.

Delete announcement

If you want to delete an announcement then please press the 'Edit/Delete' link from announcements' main page. Then press the 'Delete Announcement' button.
A confirmation prompt window will be generated in order to ensure your choice.

Posted on: 17/06/2016