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Please read as much as possible the articles from the documentation section to get an complete idea how Guru CMS works. We try to keep each page short and clear. If you are a developer and want to get into the core of the CMS plese have a look into the Developer Docs. Do not avoid visiting the screen casts and the article related with architecture of the Guru CMS.

The latest stable version of Guru CMS is available for download in PDF format too. Click here to download the file.

If you've got any queries just get in touch with us.

System Use

This chapter will explain the functionalities of the CMS GUI, starting with a general overview to get into the details.

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In order to create announcements in your site then please first choose the 'Announcements' options from the 'Admin Home' page.

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Find out what Guru CMS may offer to you summarizing its capabilities in this article.

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Build a web site in 15 minutes using Guru CMS
Read how you can create a fully dynamic website in 5 minutes using Guru CMS with full multilingual support and dynamic menu.


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Is Guru CMS the right tool

Guru CMS is a powerful and flexible framework for building virtually any kind of website. Below are some circumstances in which Guru CMS is a particularly compelling choice.

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