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Gallery is under development and during the next month will be added pagination on albums/images along with the ability to upload multiple photos at once.

Gallery url can be found under http://yourdomain/gallery/view-gallery.php

Adding and modifying it's images/albums etc is done via the administration menu under Gallery link.

Gallery Settings
There is a link called Gallery Settings on the top of the Gallery when you click Gallery from the administration menu. That is under development and does not change anything on the gallery. When it will be ready it will adjust various settings like paging and a few other settings.

The structure of gallery includes:
----> Gallery categories
--------> Gallery albums

Example can be:
----> Europe (category)
--------> Greece (album1)
--------> Germany (album2)
--------> France (album3)
--------> United Kingdom (album4) etc

Gallery by default is operating in slide show mode. Every 7 seconds it changes photo automatically to the next one. If you move your mouse cursor on the image you will see a previous and next button along with the close too.
Step by step instructions how to add a new gallery

Step 1
Create categories like Europe as per our example above. Click on Gallery Categories and then add category. You can continue adding categories without closing the pop up (AJAX) window in order to save time by opening/closing the same window.

Step 2
Go back to gallery home and click on Gallery Albums ----> Add Album. Add as many albums as you want. In our example above that is Greece,Germany,France and United Kingdom.

Step 3
Click on Gallery Albums ---- View Albums and click add images near on the required album. A new page will load with the ability to upload an image. Thubmnails are generated automatically from the gallery. However, original images should not exceed the 5MB in size as there is a limit on the code to prevent uploading huge files.
Depending your theme it would be better to compress the images before uploading them to the gallery into a well know monitor analysis like 1024x768 pixels.

Step 4
After adding images into the albums go at Gallery Categories and click on Set default image for the category. Select any image from the pop up window and click Submit. That is, the chosen photo will be shown when you list the categories. The same login applies to albums. Go at Gallery Albums -> View Albums ---> View images and select any image that you wish to be shown as the default when albums are listed.

To see how your gallery looks after adding categories/albums and images go at

Image size
Try not uploading images larger than 1024x768 pixels in order to keep compatibility with more screens and keep the size low too.
Go to Gallery Albums -> View album -> Adding pictures
There, select browse and pressing the shift select all the photos you need to upload. The size of the images you upload must not exceed the size of 2 GB otherwise it may take a long time for the process and
the server will timeout so your pictures won't be uploaded.
* Then a message "* The files are ready for uploading .." is appearing and by pressing 'Submit' the photos are uploaded and the next message is appearing:
"The photos have been added successfully! You can continue adding photos to the album ... "
You must wait for a few seconds to refresh and get backto the form tand continue adding photos.
Posted on: 17/06/2016