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Introduction to Categories

When Administrator selects the 'Categories' tab from the main administration panel he/she can see a drop down displaying the available languages that has been enabled.
By selecting the preferable language the associated categories will be generated.
In the case that there are no categories a message highlighted in red will appear saying "There are no Categories" and on the bottom of it a link to add a new category associated with this language.

Add category

If you want to add new categories then please select the associated language and then click the 'Add category' link.
A pop-up will be generated where you can fill in the details of the new category. Moreover, there is the ability to include all the categories for the specific language and close the pop-up when the fill in has been finished. As you can see for the figure below you can add meta-keywords and meta-description for every category individually in order to have better search engine optimization for your site.

If you add an empty title for the new category then an error message will be thrown and the category will not be created.
A successful category addition will not redirect you anywhere else. Instead it will leave you the same window in order to add more categories thus saving time from closing and opening the add category window each time.

Edit/ Delete category

In the case that you want to edit or delete category then please press the Edit/ Delete link.

Edit category

A pop-up is displayed once again where you can perform your alterations.
You can make your changes and then by pressing the 'Edit category' button will submit your edition.

Delete category

In the case that you want to delete a category then please press the 'Delete category' button.
Please note that when you delete a category all of its subcategories will be deleted also.

If you want to view the existing subcategories of the category before deleting in order to validate your actions then please click on the 'click here' link.
Moreover, a confirmation prompt window will be generated in order to ensure the deletion.

Add subcategory

In order to add new subcategories then please click the 'Add sub category' link.

Please note that it is obligatory to enter the name of the new subcategory otherwise a error message will be displayed.

View subcategories

If you want to view the subcategories of each category then please click on the 'View' link at the main page of categories.

You can edit or delete the existing subcategories based on your needs.
After your alterations you can press the 'Edit Subcategory' or 'Delete subcategory' button accordingly.

In the delete option a confirmation message will be generated in order to ensure that you want to delete the specified subcategory.

Posted on: 17/06/2016