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Create a web page in 5 minutes

In this article we show you how to create a fully dynamic website in 5 minutes. There is published a relevant video that describes the same procedure.

Step 1
Select Greek as main language from the menu on the right page and then use admin and demo1 to the login form on the homepage to login. Then, click the user menu on the left and in particular administration menu.

Step 2
While you are connected to the administrator menu, click Global Configuration -> Set Administration Default Language and select Greek.

Step 3
Select from the menu at the top of the page language settings and then click the link default below language field and next to the Greek.

 Step 4
Select again from the top menu link categories, choose the language you want to add content and then select Add Category. Enter a title and optional keywords, description, and then click Add Category. You can
add additional categories without closing the window .

Step 5
We choose again from the top menu link menu settings. Choose your language and click Create menu. Once you have completed the previous step, all categories available in this language would appear to post them on the menu. Click once on menu_Greek and then click on Publish more categories and then click Publish All.

Step 6
As in previous steps select the link articles, then select the language in which the article belongs, and then depending on the category you want to add article,click the Add Article link. Fill out the form to add Article not forgetting to select Published and front page.

That's it, visit the home page to see the published article!

For detailed instructions for each option, read the section Articles of the Guru CMS


Posted on: 17/06/2016