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Please read as much as possible the articles from the documentation section to get an complete idea how Guru CMS works. We try to keep each page short and clear. If you are a developer and want to get into the core of the CMS plese have a look into the Developer Docs. Do not avoid visiting the screen casts and the article related with architecture of the Guru CMS.

The latest stable version of Guru CMS is available for download in PDF format too. Click here to download the file.

If you've got any queries just get in touch with us.

Create a web page in 5 minutes

In this article we show you how to create a fully dynamic website in 5 minutes. There is published a relevant video that describes the same procedure.

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Credit system

The credit system module is in use when functionality such as membership, enquiries etc is required. The main use of it can be found in articles. It has been described earlier that in the front end it is displayed the Title, the Introduction text and a Read more link where the whole article will be displayed.

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Comments are another type of content you can have on your web site (if you have buy and enabled the Comment module). Each comment is a typically small piece of content that a user submits, attached to a particular article.

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Newsletter.tpl is a module which must be activated by the administrator, upon customer request.The main function of this is to send mass emails to the users of the site.

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The CMS supports multilingual functionality. It is possible to create different sites based on the language preferences.
Several languages have been included to the CMS. From these options you can add, delete, set as default, enable/disable a language based on your needs.

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Add extra language

Guru-host CMS uses a PHP library called Gettext to offer multilingual capabilities to the CMS-based on application messages , not on content.
The content can be translated directly through the administrator menu. This document describes how to translate all the error / warning messages which are included to CMS in any language.

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