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latestTitlesCatSub.tpl is associated with the appearance of the contents inside pages of the site (usually the right or left column), which includes the titles of articles which have been added recently in the category / subcategory in which you are. Specifically, administrator chooses the number of articles that will appear in the Administrator menu (Latest Articles Categories / Subcategories option, the default is 25).

The title of the article is the link for article.tpl which displays the content of the article which has been selected.

The latest articles in the category / subcategory will be displayed after you add the relevant TPL in your file, usually in the header or footer.

The code to insert this TPL is:

{section name=listLatestSub loop=$latest_sub_id}
                            {if $latest_sub_id[listLatestSub] neq ''}
                                {if $smarty.section.listLatestSub.iteration eq 1}
                                        {include file="../templates/themes/$themeName/latestTitlesCatSub.tpl"}
Posted on: 23/03/2011