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Layout explained

n this article we will try to explain how the Guru CMS layout is structured. Bare in mind that custom modifications are possible.
We will refer to each section with it's number as outlined below in the screenshot taken from which is based on Guru CMS 0.5 version.

Number 1: Here you can put your logo and adjust it's position over css.
Number 2: A search form. You can simply copy-paste the relevant code and place it anywhere on the web site.
Number 3: This is the main menu. You can have any number of menus displayed on your website. In our example this is a drop down menu.
Number 4: This is where announcements are displayed. The number of announcements showing can be set from user.
Number 5: The login form with functionality to register/sign up and also to recover your password.
Number 6: Custom code added from user to display Google ads. You can place any code anywhere.
Number 7: A section with custom added links. You can place any static content anywhere you wish.
Number 8: The rest of the 'static articles' showing on the front page. The number is also set from user.

Static articles
By saying static articles we do not mean that those are static HTML pages.
Those are also dynamic driven from the CMS and just been displayed on the home page as long as user select them to appear on the front page.
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Posted on: 23/03/2011