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How to use templates

In this section we are going to describe how you can change the layout of your site assuming you've got a ready template given from your web designer/developer.Please choose the 'Templates' option from administration main menu.
By default there is a theme which you can use (portalblue). In order to personalize the theme you can add, edit, delete templates based on your needs. Be aware than write permissions needed to be able to edit and save template via your browser. If your server is running under suPHP then no changes needed. If not, just chmod 707 or 777 depending the server structure, the whole folder of your theme.

Add template

The first step is to create a theme based your personal style and requirements. The relevant files needs to be under the 'Templates->themes' folders in the file structure.
After that in order to use it you just have to create a template with the same name as your folder's name in the file structure.
So for example if your structure is the following :

Set as Default

By saying 'Set as Default' we mean that our site is going to use this theme as the default one.
In our case at the time being the default theme is the 'portalblue'. If we want to change it and set the 'portalred' for example as the default one then we just clicking on the 'Set as Default' link.
Automatically, the layout of your site will be changed based on your theme preferences.

Delete template

In the case that you do not want to use anymore a template theme then you can delete it by pressing the 'Delete template' link.
Please note that you cannot delete a theme that is in use. You need first to choose another one as a default and then perform your alterations.

Edit template

If you want to edit an existing template then click on the 'Edit template' link. After this, you are going to see a list of the files containing in the template theme.The files that you can edit are the ones with extensions .tpl and .css. Please be carefully with the changes that you perform in these files as the format of your main pages is going to be changed automatically. 

You can edit each one by clicking on the filename of it

You can change the layout of the file based on your needs and preferences.
When you press the 'Edit' button your alterations will be saved. Browse your public web site to see the changes immediately.

Obviously you can modify/create a template offline and simply upload the .tpl files to the existing one or to a new one..

Development license
If you require a development license please contact us at support at
There is no cost on local licenses.
Posted on: 23/03/2011