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Templates - File Structure

Before start coding you need to know exactly where to find what. Two are the main folders that our CMS template system make use.

The first one mentioned previously on introduction page and that is the templates_c folder. That folder needed for Smarty to compile the templates. It needs to have 777 permission or 755 if you are running PHP with SuPHP module installed and configured.

It is highly recommended to put your templates_c folder outside the public web site folder in order to avoid any security issues with 777 permissions.
As soon as you move the folder do not forget to open includes/settings.php to update templates_c path to the new one.

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latestTitlesCatSub.tpl is associated with the appearance of the contents inside pages of the site (usually the right or left column), which includes the titles of articles which have been added recently in the category / subcategory in which you are. Specifically, administrator chooses the number of articles that will appear in the Administrator menu (Latest Articles Categories / Subcategories option, the default is 25).

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Layout explained

n this article we will try to explain how the Guru CMS layout is structured. Bare in mind that custom modifications are possible.
We will refer to each section with it's number as outlined below in the screenshot taken from which is based on Guru CMS 0.5 version.

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How to use templates

In this section we are going to describe how you can change the layout of your site assuming you've got a ready template given from your web designer/developer.Please choose the 'Templates' option from administration main menu.
By default there is a theme which you can use (portalblue). In order to personalize the theme you can add, edit, delete templates based on your needs. Be aware than write permissions needed to be able to edit and save template via your browser. If your server is running under suPHP then no changes needed. If not, just chmod 707 or 777 depending the server structure, the whole folder of your theme.

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announcements.tpl and announcements_all.tpl are both related with displaying the announcement content on CMS.
An announcement is an article with limited options. You can only add a title and content on it and set that to be published or not while on article as discussed in a previous page there are many options to choose from. Over the global configuration of the administration menu there is an option to setup how many announcements you wish to be displayed on home or any other page that you've setup via templates. That limit on announcements will be served via the announcements.tpl file.
Let's say that you have published 100 announcements over the last few days and that you've configured to display the last 5 on home page. If you wish to see the rest, you need to call the announcements_all.tpl. That file will display all announcements that are published no matter the day.

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There are two files related with articles. Those are article.tpl and authorsArticle.tpl.

article.tpl is related with displaying a full body of the article of the category or category/subcategory selected.

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