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User Authentication

Login User

The variable $login holds the information if user is logged in or not.
Example Smarty code
{if $login eq 1}
        The user is logged in

Example PHP code
    $login = 1;
    $login = 0;

Returned Variables
1 - Logged in user
0 - Guest

If the user is logged in, we can retrieve the username by using the variable $username
Example Smarty code

Example PHP code
$username = $session->username;

Returned Variables
Returns the username of the logged in user

User Level

The variable $userlevel holds the information of user's level.

By default there are available the following user levels and cannot by changed as it is necessary for the core functionality of CMS.
- Users
- Authors
- Super Authors
- Administrators

Example Smarty Code


Example PHP Code

Getting the id of the user level:
$userlevel = $session->userlevel;

Getting the name of the user level:

Returned Variables
1 - Administrators
2 - Users
3 - Super Authors
4 - Authors

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Posted on: 23/03/2011